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Wellness Programs

At Temple Builders Fitness Center, we are dedicated to supporting our community’s health and wellness journey by offering a wide range of programs and insurance plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of our members. We are proud to accept Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, and Prime Fitness, ensuring that individuals from various walks of life can access our top-notch fitness facilities and programs.

Silver Sneakers is a renowned fitness program designed specifically for seniors, offering no-cost gym memberships to eligible individuals. It aims to encourage older adults to participate in physical activities that are conducive to their health and well-being. Members can enjoy access to our gym equipment, special classes, and a community that supports their fitness goals at no additional cost.

Renew Active is another fantastic program we accept, designed to help adults maintain their physical and mental fitness. As a comprehensive fitness plan, it provides membership access to our fitness center, including specialized classes and activities designed to support cognitive health. This program is a perfect fit for those looking to stay active and engaged in a supportive community environment.

Prime Fitness is geared towards adults seeking flexibility and variety in their fitness routines. With Prime Fitness, members gain access to a network of fitness locations, allowing them to work out at any participating facility, including ours. This program is ideal for individuals looking for a flexible fitness solution that can adapt to their busy schedules and lifestyle needs.

At Temple Builders Fitness Center, we believe in providing accessible, high-quality fitness options for everyone. By accepting Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, and Prime Fitness, we open our doors wider, ensuring that more people have the opportunity to lead healthier, happier lives. Whether you’re looking to stay active in your golden years, maintain your overall health, or find a flexible fitness plan that works for you, we’ve got you covered.