Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations to our first 2017 Lose to Cruise Winner – Annette Newsome!

All you need to do to win is LOSE! Take the Temple Builders Lose to Cruise Transformation Challenge and you could find yourself setting sail to the Bahamas to celebrate your loss! Over a 12 week span, Temple Builders is offering up a cruise for 2 to the Bahamas as part of our continuing efforts to challenge YOU to build the BEST temple you can through a balance of healthy eating habits and an exercise routine that promotes strength of body, mind and soul!

The next Lose To Cruise Weight Loss Transformation Challenge takes off on May 1, 2017. Registration begins with the Big Reveal of the winner for our current competition on April 4th. Registration Special – $50 on the night of the Big Reveal! Registration will be $75 after that.

Results of this competition will be based on four criteria:

  • Total weight lost
  • Total percent of body fat lost
  • Total inches lost
  • A written account of your personal transformation

We’re always here to help you on your quest to build your temple, but this time, we’re offering you an opportunity to enjoy the spoils of your efforts in style! If you are in it to build your best temple and then take a victory cruise to the Bahamas for you and your traveling partner for your efforts, then sign-up and take the Temple Builders Lose to Cruise challenge TODAY!

Temple Builder Lose to Cruise Transformation Challenge Rules

  • The Lose to Cruise Transformation Challenge is a 12-week contest
  • Weigh-ins can be scheduled once per week and measurements once per month. All weigh-ins/measurements must be scheduled and take approximately 15 minutes.
  • Participants are encouraged to participate in group classes at Temple Builders Fitness Center. Special Personal Training rates will be available to Lose to Cruise participants. All Personal Trainer meetings will take place at Temple Builders Fitness Center
  • We encourage all participants to drink plenty of water/fluids (80-100 ounces) and to eat multiple well-balanced meals daily. Not eating properly is not healthy and won’t help you build your best temple. It is not an option and won’t be tolerated.
  • Excessive exercise is not healthy. It can lead to personal injury and physical pain, and it will not be tolerated. Sitting in a sauna will only result in loss of water weight. Using a sauna for more than an hour before a weigh-in will not be tolerated.

Please contact a Temple Builders staff member with any questions and to get started today!

Our 1st 2017 Lose to Cruise Winner Reveal!

  • 1) Annette Newsome – 34lbs
  • 2) Stephanie Turner – 33.5lbs
  • 3) Jana Reid – 23.5lbs
  • 4) Jason Reid – 19lbs
  • 5) Sheryl Trevino – 10lbs
  • 6) Stephanie Camilo